Testing the website MyHeritage ! ! !

For those of you who don’t know the website MyHeritage. MyHeritage lets you create online meetings for your family’s and create your own site. Invite your family members to participate in your site, post your family tree online and share it with family members, share family photos easily, keep track of important family events, and more.

I know this is sweet and all but that’s not why we are here. recently I recently found out that MyHeritage creates interacting videos from a single photo. yes, the whole video is from a single photo.

ok, so let’s start this with who created this platform. MyHeritage was founded in 2003 by Israeli entrepreneur Gilad Japhet. He started the company from his living room just like all start-ups do. the project was self-funded for almost 2 years but had received funds from angel investors by 2005. Which switched the project from a free service to a freemium business model. As for 2017, the company had total revenue of $133 million.

Deep Nostalgia uses deep learning algorithms to create animated videos from old images. You can create animation so you can see someone from the past smile, blink, and turn their heads.

Is it a Fake Video? Yes, it is showing us AI-created pixels moving on the canvas.

Does it Look Real? Hell yeah, you will doubt yourself on what is real and what is fake.

As I mentioned earlier My Heritage is a freemium service, which makes you pay per month. But lucky us, we can try the Deep Nostalgia service for free.
my first try was the demo video or starter video which turns this photo into a video


it is impressive a black and white photo turns into a video. Plus it is magical making someone in a photo move like it’s a video. this technology is worth trying. here is a link to My Heritage website https://www.myheritage.com.

But am not done trying the demo. I liked the idea of creating a fake movement powered by AI. So I wanted to try this on actors.

Was the result better than a video? No. But was the result impressive? Yes. And do you know what is cool about AI? It gets better the more you use it. And I am sure it will be the best thing we can use in the future. Speaking of AI, there is this project on the Internet called this person does not exist. If you don’t know it already, the project generates people’s photos that don’t exist in this world from random pictures. And you guessed it. I want to merge these 2 AIs and create something that never existed before. And here is the result.

i know this website is creapy

As you can see I have created something that never exist and make a video out of it in a matter of seconds. I can’t imagine what this technology might do in the future. I have tried almost everything saw in black and white photos, in real-life actors, and in AI-created characters. but my 4th and final try is going to be Tewodros II, Emperor of Ethiopia from 1855–1868. well at that time there was no video or photo but we have some of their paintings. These paintings are the only things that can show us who Tewodros II is. so am going to convert that painting into a video.

The result is magnificent. I was feeling like I met the King of Ethiopia over a zoom call. This is the first moving image I saw from Tewodros II and I am so happy that I saw something that is closer to reality. if this technology can be improved am pretty sure that we will see this technology in other sectors like Metaverse Education, Hologram, AR, and other VR-like technologies. Anyway, thank you for reading. I wanna know your opinion on this platform and AI in general.

Check out both tools listed above



I sometime write and explore about things I’m passionate about. if you like Business, Design , Marketing, UI / UX or programing. subscribe!

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Theodore Negusu

I sometime write and explore about things I’m passionate about. if you like Business, Design , Marketing, UI / UX or programing. subscribe!